Representative Payee Services

Representative Payee Services

Are you unable to balance your checkbook each month? Do you have a visual or physical impairment that makes managing your money an insurmountable hardship?

Would you like a trained financial representative to help you budget, keep track of your bills, and pay them on time?

Call us at (413) 586-2000, ext. 113 to find out about our Money Management services.

About This Service

As a Representative Payee, a trained and well-supervised Money Manager provides financial supervision for participants who are unable to manage their own financial affairs. As Representative Payee, Highland Valley is appointed to manage the participant’s government benefits and is responsible both for writing and signing checks.

If you or your elder are capable of making financial decisions, but still may require assistance with management and organization, please see our information about Bill Payer Services.

Safeguards for Participants

Money Managers are trained to recognize financial exploitation. They work closely with Protective Services staff to ensure the participant’s assets are secure. Third-party oversight is done by agency staff who review participants’ financial records, safeguard their financial situations, and ensure their benefits are spent appropriately based on a list of pre-determined expenses. An insurance policy protects Money Managers and Highland Valley for loss of funds up to $10,000 caused by any mistake or misuse.

Assistance with Day-to-Day Finances

Contact us to find out how the Money Management Program can make life a little easier.

(413) 586-2000 ext. 113

We work in partnership with AARP, and all Money Managers are trained and supervised.

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