Options Counseling

Options Counseling

Are you or a family member at a turning point in aging? Are you unsure about what type of care setting might be most appropriate for your — or your elders’ — needs?

Are you being discharged from a hospital, and want to determine if you need to go to a rehabilitation facility or nursing home, or if you will be able to live at home?

Call us at (413) 586-2000. We can help you and your family through these crucial turning-point decisions with Options Counseling.

About This Service

Options counselors assist elders and their families in making informed decisions about the services and settings that best meet their long-term care needs, and which allow them to live as independently as possible in the setting of their choice.

Elders and their families meet with an options counselor for short-term counseling and receive unbiased information about a range of long-term care support options — including options for nursing homes and rehab facilities, and at-home services such as personal care, transportation and medication management — and are informed of the resources available to help pay for services.

The program also provides decision-making support to identify next steps in the process, and help in connecting with services if needed.

Get Help in Making Your Choices

Quality long living sometimes means getting a little help in making the right choices for long term care and assistance.

Our Care Advisors provide you with comprehensive information on community resources and services available to those 60 and over, to their caregivers and other interested individuals. Speakers are available to address groups, as well.

We work with you in the often complex decision-making process, to ensure that you get the services and programs that are most appropriate for you and your family.

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