Ombudsman Advocacy Services

Ombudsman Advocacy Services

Do you know that there are rules and regulations that govern your care in skilled nursing facilities and rest homes?

Did you know that you have rights regarding quality of life and participation in care?

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About Ombudsman Advocacy Services

Highland Valley ombudsman services are available to all who reside in rehab, long-term care and dementia units at skilled nursing facilities, as well as, to rest home residents.

Ombudsmen visit nursing home and rest home residents weekly, and they assist as requested to resolve conflicts and to help improve the quality of care and life for long-term care residents.

Each ombudsman is trained and certified.  They respect confidentiality, they listen well, and they support each resident as needed.

The program director can provide placement information and guidance.  All services in the ombudsman program are free of charge.

Get the Support You Need

Ombudsman and protective services staff play a vital role in ensuring welfare, safety and high quality of care. They can be a valuable resource for long term care residents, elders, family members and caregivers.

"When I needed to speak to someone privately about my concerns, I was able to turn to the ombudsman. It really made a difference talking to a person who wasn't an employee at the facility. I received the information and support I needed to stay in control here." -- Long Term Care Resident

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