Local Dining Centers

Local Dining Centers

The goal of our Nutrition Program is to make sure that every person over 60 receives at least one nutritionally balanced meal each day. Professional staff are also available to provide general nutritional screening, assessment and counseling to help make sure that elders eat well, stay well and live at home for as long as possible.

Call us at (413) 586-2000 to find out more about Local Dining Centers.

About the Local Dining Center Program

Elders can have a hot meal during the week, in the company of others, at one of more than 14 local dining centers throughout our 24-town area.  Congregate meals add an important ingredient:  the opportunity for social engagement.  Elders from the local community manage the dining centers, and are empowered to shape their meals programs and dining environments.

If you would like to participate in this program, a simple call to our offices at (413) 586-2000 will get the ball rolling!

Our Meals on Wheels program is also an option for dining and good nutrition.

Get in on a Good Thing

We're always happy to talk to individuals who are interested in helping out in our Nutrition Program. Assist at the local dining center, or take part in delivery of meals.

Call us at (413) 586-2000 and ask for the Nutrition Program.

"Accompanying me as I deliver meals to nutrition program clients has been the experience of a lifetime for my kids." - Meal Driver

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