Consumer Directed

Consumer Directed

Access to essential health services, and the ability to keep one’s home tidy and clean, are vital components of independent living. Our Consumer Directed Program assists elders in securing services that can include housecleaning, menu planning, laundry, shopping and meal preparation.

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About the Consumer Directed Program

This program enables qualified adults to hire personal care workers to provide assistance. The personal care workers may assist the clients with preparation of meals, daily hygiene and dressing, and more.

Highland Valley Elder services will work with families to:

  • develop a plan of services
  • provider advice on recruiting, hiring and supervising your own worker
  • identify out service in the community to complement your home care
  • help solve problems if you have difficulty finding, supervising or discharging a worker

It’s All About Choices

Our Consumer Director program allows you to choose and supervise your own home care workers.

Dignity and choice sometimes means getting a little help in your home. That's where Highland Valley's Care Advisors and Nurses can enter the picture.

We work with elders and their families to design care plans that provide what they need, in order to manage care at home.

And once a care plan is in place we regularly support you, and offer guidance about additional services if needed.

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