Bill Payer Services-Assistance with Day-To-Day Finances

Bill Payer Services-Assistance with Day-To-Day Finances


  • Is it difficult for you to balance your checkbook each month?
  • Do you have a visual or physical impairment that makes managing your money a hardship?
  • Would you like monthly assistance to keep track of your bills and to pay them on time?


The first level of assistance is referred to as the Bill Payer. Participants utilizing this service are capable of making decisions about their own financial affairs, assist in developing a monthly list of income and expenses, and sign all checks. The Money Manager assists in balancing the checkbook, organizing bills and preparing checks for signature.


Money Managers from Highland Valley Elder Service may assist your home.

  • Basic Budgeting
  • Paying Bills
  • Balancing Your Checkbook

The Money Management Program enables you to remain independent and in charge of your financial affairs with a level of assistance that is right for you. Money management services are provided by trained and supervised volunteers.

Day-to-Day Finance Assistance

If you or your elder are not capable of making financial decisions, but still may require assistance with management and organization, please see our information about Representative Payer Services.

Learn how Highland Valley's Money Management Program can make your life a little easier. Call (413) 586-2000 ext. 113

We work in partnership with AARP, and all Money Managers are trained and supervised.

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