JOB SUMMARY:  To increase living options for elders by developing, implementing and monitoring a service plan, using a comprehensive assessment procedure, which will best assist an elder to maintain the living arrangement of his/her choice.

AUTHORITY:  This position reports to and is supervised by the Home Care Program Director and the Home Care Supervisor.


 Link and coordinate resources with elders.

 Make comprehensive assessments through field interview and observation. Conduct monitoring visits at regular intervals and as needed.

  1. From this assessment, develop and implement a service plan, make referrals to appropriate agencies and follow up on these referrals.
  2. Act as an advocate to/with the consumer when necessary.
  3. Maintain the case file by completing all mandated paperwork in a timely fashion according to required documentation standards.
  4. Provide Information and Referral services.
  5. Participate in Highland Valley’s development of comprehensive community programming efforts.
  6. Participate in training and development activities to increase knowledge/skills for continuous strong performance in this position.
  7. Participate in required quality performance initiatives within program area.