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call the
Northampton Meal Site
48 hour notice needed.
Remember, always call 48 hours in advance to cancel your meal.


Welcome to Highland Valley Elder Services.  As a participant in the Home-Delivered Meals Program, you can expect to receive meals on those days you and your Care Advisor have agreed upon.  We hope that you enjoy them.


If you will not be home for a meal, please notify your dining center coordinator 48 hours in advance.  Our large meal program requires extensive advanced planning in order to prepare and deliver the hundreds of meals we send out each day.  A meal cannot be left for you if you are not home to receive it.

If you have not cancelled your meal, your driver will attempt delivery.  If you are not home, we must begin our emergency procedures to make sure you are safe.  This may include calling you at home and then if necessary, contacting the relatives, friends or neighbors that you provided as emergency contacts.  We will continue trying to reach you, and may work with local authorities to make sure that you are safe.  For food safety reasons, any meals that we cannot deliver must be thrown away each day.

To cancel a meal, call your Dining Center Coordinator at (413) 584-6784 48 hours in advance.  We are staffed Monday through Friday 9:00-2, or you may leave a detailed message.

Thank you for your cooperation.