The Protective Service Worker engages in activities related to the determination of eligibility for protective services and the provision and arrangement of services with elders determined to be suffering from a reportable condition of abuse as defined in 651 CMR 5.02(31).

1. Receive reports of the abuse of elders and determines whether there is reasonable cause to believe that a reportable condition exists.

2. Determine whether an emergency or non emergency situation exists and reĀ¬spond to emergency situations when necessary within working hours, or as negotiated.

3. Conduct protective assessments of abused elders to include evaluĀ¬ating the functional capacity, situation, and resources of abused elders.

4. Develop, with abused elders, protective service treatment plans; providing or arranging for the provision of Protective and other services to abused elders. This can involve work with the Probate Court or District Attorney’s Office.

5. Monitor the provision of services necessary to alleviate abuse and neglect until case can be closed.

6. Maintain the case file by completing all mandated paperwork in a timely fashion according to required documentation standards.

7. Community organization work to help educate the community to the issue of elder abuse; developing the effective inter agency relationships necessary in order to utilize the multi disciplinary resources available in the community for abused elders.

8. Responsible for after hour, on call coverage one week at a time to be shared with other staff.

9. Provide back up to care management system as needed.

10. Responsible for carrying out other duties as assigned by the Protective Services Program Director.

11. Participate in training and development activities to keep up with knowledge/ skills leading to strong performance in this position.

12. Participates in required quality performance initiatives within program area.

13. Work full time (37.5 hours/week), Monday through Friday